Pushkie rings are a unique collection of antique Art Deco men's cuff links from the 1920s and 30s which have been turned into rings. Their timeless designs travel seamlessly from the past into the present and are sure to be treasured long into the future.
All the rings are made of precious metals. Many of them also have distinctive enamel and precious stones.  Each set of cuff links has been individually sourced, largely from the famous Portobello Market in London.
Many of the cuff links bear original hallmarks which allow us to date the set they form part of very accurately. Once they are turned into rings, they are also marked with traditional English hallmarks from London’s prestigious Assay office and the name Pushkie. 
As with all antiques, many of the cuff links bear tiny imperfections and signs of wear, highlighting their uniqueness and the journeys they have travelled into the present. Those with enamel are especially fragile, and the fact that they have survived into present times makes them particularly prized possessions.
At most, there are four rings of a particular design, making them true treasures - perfect friendship rings, sisters' or mother and daughter rings or the ideal bridesmaids' gifts. 
The Art Deco period represents the era in which women gained the right to vote and  marks a turning point in society's journey towards gender equality.
By turning cuff links intended for men into rings which can belong to women, we have feminised the masculine and often blurred the boundaries between masculine and feminine - many of our designs make perfect His & Her or His & His gifts.
We hope discovering and owning Pushkie rings will bring you as much delight and joy as they have brought us.
Pushkie's founder Ingrid is a professional who lives in London. She comes from a multi cultural refugee background and loves nothing better than exploring Portobello road antique market with her family and discovering hidden treasures.